How does it work?


To become a Shared Insight mystery shopper you will need to complete a simple registration process providing your contact details and home address. These details enable us to show you all the available mystery shops in your area.

Shoppers registering

Accept your first mystery shop

Once you are successfully registered, you can start searching for mystery shops right away. The Shared Insight platform makes it easy to search on your phone, tablet, or computer.

To apply for your first mystery shop, search the available shops for one that is appealing to you. Review the mystery shop requirements, select a visit date that fits your schedule and then apply. You will be notified instantly if successful.

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Complete your first mystery shop

When your visit date arrives ensure you have read and understand all the of the mystery shop requirements, then head out and visit the specified location.

Once at the location fulfil all required tasks to complete the visit. When you have completed your visit, you then need to complete your report online within 24 hours to complete the mystery shop.

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Get paid

Once we receive your completed report, along with your expense details the completed mystery shop will pass through our quality control process. When this is complete, your shopper account will be credited with the predefined mystery shop fee and any additional reimbursements.

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Do you really get paid to shop?

The answer is Yes!

We work with clients who need real feedback about the customer experience at their locations. Shared Insight asks genuine customers to visit these locations and follow a specific scenarios. Our mystery shops range from having meals in restaurants, to visiting apparel retailers, and even getting your car washed.

Many mystery shops will require you to make a purchase that you will be reimbursed for. In addition to the fee you receive for completing the visit, you will also receive a reimbursement for any items that you are required to purchase up to the specified limit!

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What do you have to do on a mystery shop?

Our mystery shops will usually involve visiting as a normal customer and providing feedback about the service you receive and the interactions that you have with members of staff.

Every mystery shop is different so sometimes you will be asked to look out for specific piece of merchandise or provide feedback about the level of tidiness and cleanliness of the location.

The most important things to do on a mystery shop are to follow the requirements and never reveal yourself as a mystery shopper.

Can you make a full time living out of mystery shopping?

As much as we would like to say 'yes' unfortunately, you cannot make a living as a mystery shopper. Mystery shopping is however, a great way to boost your income and earn a little extra while going to places you enjoy going.

How much can I earn?

The amount you can earn differs with each mystery shop. In general, you can earn between $5 – $20 per mystery shop. For some mystery shops, you will be asked to make a purchase and in most instances, you get to keep these purchases and will receive a reimbursement towards these once you successfully complete your report.

How will I get selected for a mystery shop?

There are a number of factors that are taken into account based on the client’s requirements. Once you have registered with Shared Insight, we will use your profile information to show you the mystery shops where you match the required criteria. We will email you when there are appropriate mystery shops available near to you and the choice is then yours if you want to accept the mystery shop or not.

Of course, you do not have to wait for an email, and you can simply login to the Shared Insight shopper platform from any device any time, to see what mystery shops are currently available in your defined mystery shop areas.

What is the best thing about being a mystery shopper?

Mystery Shopping is fun and you get paid to shop! You may find a mystery shop at your favorite restaurant, coffee shop, or retail store shop and so on. The scenario for each mystery shop differs each time and you get to visit and experience brands that you may not normally encounter.

What is the worst thing about being a mystery shopper?

The deadlines can be tight, and it is important that they are met. You should never accept a mystery shop unless you are 100% sure you can complete it in the required time. Sometimes mystery shop scenarios can be detailed, so attention to detail is key. On occasions, a staff member may suspect you of being a mystery shopper - You should never let on that you are.

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